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Hi, You recently found and sold me a '98 S70 driver's side mirror, navy. It got installed today. You helped me save over $350 from my first estimate at my local body shop for a new mirror. The mirror is great. You're great. I'm very happy that you exist and via the internet, I was able to find you.
Thanks, Joanna R.
Thank you Bill for that helpful information. I will do business with you from now on. That was exceptional!
Brad - Minot, ND
Thanks for the great reply. I often work on my Volvo and I will certainly keep you in mind since you gave the most complete answer BY FAR of the people who wrote me back.
Thanks, Andy - Middletown, CT
Thanks for for the cap I recieved it in good condition. I appreciate your help and doing business with you. If I need anything for my Volvo, I will certainly have you on top of my list. Thanks again.
Robert - Philadelphia, PA
Oh thank you, you have been very, very helpful and when I called in the man who helped me was very kind too.
Thanks, Sandi - Washington
The console I ordered arrived today and I am amazed at the great condition it is in. I can't wait to put this baby in. Thanks again for all your help.
Hey thanks for taking the time to respond and giving me the heads up on what fits. My son goes to school in Atlanta and we actually just bought a brake hose from you guys two weeks ago, picked it up, popped it on, and drove it to Pa. to fix the body. I am a MB tech in the Phila area and, I have to say, I wish all of my parts dept experiences were like the one at your place.
Thanks again for your help and insight,
Charlie in Warrington, Pa
Thank you so much for your kind suggestion. I did it and it works fine. In fact, gas mileage is already improved.
Best Regards, Phillip in Glen Burnie, MD
While well overdue from last week, please let me express how much I appreciate you sending a personal note with wise counsel. Rare in this age of automatic reply. I hope your business is as successful as you are friendly, thoughtful, and go the extra mile to help your customers.
Thank you! John in Cazenovia, NY
Dear All, I just want to thank you for your prompt attention to my request Ė I got the part on Friday and was able to install it the next day! Iíll definitely keep you as a reliable source for my very old car!
Marian in New York City, NY
Thank you very much for the info- If I need any thing I will be sure to call, you don't find many people who would take the time to offer advice as you did.
Thanks Again, Bruce in Warwick, NY
Wow Bill! Thank you so much for all of the info! Your customers werenít lying when they said you guys go above and beyond, I am truly impressed. I have a good friend who works for a Volvo repair shop and I will definitely give him your info. As soon as I decide what I am buying I will be back in touch and if I ever need parts you can count on my business!
Jessica in Seattle, Washington
Came on time as promised, well packaged in good condition, good price. Thank You!
Tom in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Your response is clearly the reason I put you in my favorites, last purchase. Thanks for your honesty. I will check and get back with you.
Marlina H.
I bought the glass from you guys and I can't tell you how impressed I was with your service. We received the glass next day and it is being installed today. I will definitely be calling on you anytime I need any parts for the Volvo.
Thanks, Stan in Franklin, TN
I wanted to say thanks- I received the correct parts in exact color, the door map pocket & the sunvisor. I spoke to Melvin, who was very helpful & shipped my pkg out the same day after my 3PM call. I cleaned them up last night, & will install them this weekend. I will keep your contact info for future use.
Thanks Again, Dr. C. in Winchester, VA
Robert in Goldsboro, NC
I want to write a quick note expressing my complete satisfaction in my order. I called on a Tuesday for a brake booster for a 95 Volvo 960, which you had in stock, and received it on Thursday. Your quick service enabled me to install it over the weekend and finish the repair. Again, great service and also great price.
Thanks, Ed H.
I don't get to work on my cars much and so appreciate the feeling of being able to fix something by myself. I have to complement you guys for making my last fix about the easiest I've had in a while. Two of my door triggers broke on my 960 -- a common problem. Your guys showed me EVERYTHING and even came out to my car to help. It was great.
Thanks. Brian in Atlanta, Ga
I just got the bottom plate you sent and had to tell you that it looks freaking beautiful. I'll be in touch in the future as I know I'll need more parts.
Thanks again, Peter C
Thank you so much for all of the excellent information, especially the interchangeability info. I do need other front end parts, and I will definitely give you a chance to help me out. Bill in Cincinnati, Ohio
A note of appreciation...the wheel and key arrived yesterday afternoon. The key works perfectly, and the wheel will get mated to a tire in the near future. I'm always a bit uneasy ordering things "blind", but your response and service are top-notch. For any future Volvo needs, I'll look to you guys first.
Bruce in Denison, TX
i received my rims. the packing was excellent. i had to chuckle ...between the gentleman's southern accent and my northern, it may have been funny to to listen in on. top rate job, guys. i'll be back !
david g.
The below parts arrived in great condition as expected. Thanks for your on target quote and great handling of my parts order! You can bet that I will be back and do more business with you in the future. With kindest thanks and best regards,
Warren in Peekskill, New York
Thank you very much for the information, this is exactly the kind of help that customers need to help prevent buying the incorrect part Even though I'm not buying from your company in this instance, you are still acting as a resource to me. You, my friend, are going to be very successful!
Cy in Miami, Florida
thank you for your honest reply....they are rare and few in this current business climate we live in.... all the best
david in san clemente, California
Thank YOU. Every time you send a shipment my old Volvo gets younger.
Mr. Shaftel
Thank you for such a professional reply! Its refreshing to speak with someone helpful even after they realize they can't make money off me, lol. I will keep your company in mind for future projects and will gladly pass along your name as someone to do business with. Much thanks, Don in San Marcos, California
I just wanted to let you know how much Voluparts has been a great source for me.
I was approached just today by a 740 owner about where to get parts. The poor guy probably didn't want to know as much as I told him about you.

I have a 945, but before that an old 240 turbo (wish I still had it....). My last visit there was to fix the cruise control and the short version is that Melvin should get a raise. If all the people working there are as patient and knowledgeable as he, you'll be around for a long time.

Thanks for being a business that makes me chuckle every time I pass a factory store and think about parts availability, tech help and a willingness to help novice Volvo owners.


Thanks for your prompt response and your honesty. I will keep this in mind
and I look forward to doing business with you.


Thank you so much for your advice. My father and I are exited about the possibility of using your solution for this problem !! We will be sure to contact you for future parts needs. (We have a small fleet of Volvos that we maintain actively!) Thanks again, and when anyone needs parts, we will be sure to tell them to look to Voluparts of Atlanta. You guys are good people down there.
It is a great feeling knowing there are people out there like you, with plenty of integrity and willingness to pass on knowledge to others. I wish you continued success, MANY Thanks! Thane
I want to sincerely thank you, for taking the time to personally educate me on something I know nothing about. I would not have thought about many of the points you brought to my attention, especially trying to buy a large and specialized part that has LOTS of variances. In the end trying to save a $100 bucks or so, could easily end up costing me a lot more.

Those AC parts i ordered are working well on my other 960; Thanks for your help. This is by far the best and simplest place to by parts online!! I'm in the process of restoring a 1980 262 Bertone Coupe and was also wondering if you have any parts for this rare model as well... Thanks, Gareth
Thank you for shipping out so fast the part we ordered. Our car is fixed and everything has worked out terrifically. We have passed on one of your business cards to our auto repair guy and we won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might need a part for a Volvo. We look forward to ordering from you again. Take care! Ian and Pauline
Thanks again for your prompt responses. Of all the emails that I received from the various companies, your's was the only one that did not appear to come as an auto generated response. Thanks for taking the time for reading what I needed and responding to my need. Other responses were no more than Spam. Gary
I am the man looking for new Volvo seats in Palm Springs Ca. Thank you for getting back to me, and all of your useful information. If more business people had our attitude, the world would be a much better place. thanks again for your help. Barry In Palm springs, Ca.

Thanks, Bill.
Came by already and got a pair. Great service and the guys were
helpful. Plenty of other items will be needed in this restoration or
just to keep my 850 Turbo wagon going strong. See ya again I am sure.

Craig D

A quick note to thank you for the great service and I'm pleased to say that installation took something like 3 minutes....we'll order another one in a month or so, and send back my the malfunctioning 815....

Thanks again,
Jonathan Z.

I have ordered from you before (a modest little thermostat) but have
recommended you to several friends and hope your business is brisk - I've
been most pleased. At any rate...
I write to ask about the price for a part. I need a seat belt buckle (the
latch assembly the buckle slides into.
Can you help?

Thanks, in advance, JW

Received them today.
Another flawless purchase and delivery.

Thank you, thank you.
John H
Westminster, MD
thanks so much for the prompt, friendly service. You guys will now get a place in my Roladex, and referral to my many shadetree friends with Volvos !
Steve S